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Expected to die, today he’s inspiring others to truly live.

World-renowned inspirational speaker + national bestselling author John O’Leary wants to help you wake up from accidental living so you can do, be, achieve and impact more through your life.

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  • Every Monday, John shares a quick burst of inspiration to help start your week on fire.
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Mar 31, 2022

Six-time Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee is regarded by many as the greatest female athlete of all time. After retiring, Jackie chose to return to her impoverished hometown with a greater purpose: empower youth in her community to dream, and have the drive and determination to succeed.


Today, hear Jackie share...

Mar 28, 2022

How do you respond when tragedy strikes?


As we face storms in life, we have a choice. We can choose anger, yell about it, and remain negative about what happened and all we’ve lost.


Or we can choose to accept it, make the best of it, grow from it and realize that in spite of those unwanted changes that the best of...

Mar 24, 2022

There are about 7,000 languages in the world, all with different vocabularies, sounds, and alphabets—but how do these structural differences influence how we interpret the world?


Lera Boroditsky is a cognitive scientist recognized for studying how the languages we speak shape the way we think.


After emigrating to...

Mar 21, 2022

To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day today I wanted to share a story of a family who received a diagnosis they didn’t desire…and ultimately a gift far greater than they could have imagined.


Learn more about today's episode at

Mar 17, 2022

Michelle Hord is no stranger to tragedy. She started her professional career as a producer on America's Most Wanted, where she came face to face with the unthinkable on a daily basis.


But when her own beloved 7-year-old daughter Gabrielle Eileen was murdered by her ex-husband, Michelle’s entire life crashed...