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Expected to die, today he’s inspiring others to truly live.

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Dec 20, 2018

30 years ago I was burned on 100% of my body and not expected to survive. I beat the odds and recovered thanks to the care, encouragement + love of my family, friends, healthcare team, MLB baseball players and countless individuals I'll never know.

From this, I have a profound sense of gratitude for my life + perspective on overcoming challenges. Today, I share 3 of the most formative lessons I learned during my recovery. One is a favorite I share on stage from time to time. One I shared in my #1 National Bestselling book ON FIRE. One I've never shared before. I hope they fuel you to live inspired today.


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  • "You have two eyes, two ears + one mouth. Use them proportionally." - Dr. Avazian
  • John shares his favorite quote + what it means in your life: "When you know your why you can endure any how." Get Viktor Frankl's book Man's Search for Meaning to read it in context.
  • People matter.
  • Words matter. Be aware of the words you're listening to + the ones you're speaking.
    • If we hear it enough, even if it is wrong, we think it's true.
    • What words are you listening to: Through your social feed, news + on your commute? Where are you listening/being fed? What we put into our bodies shows up in our lives.
    • What words are you sharing with your children, family, spouse + coworkers. Are you telling them through your words + actions that their best days are in front of them? 
  • Wonder matters. "I no longer identified as a wounded person. Wonder matters. The way he had a twinkle in his eye + joy in the way he worked + treated the others, I saw that and try to exemplify it 20 years later.
  • Grow. Learn. Share. Produce. Go through life with great wonder.
  • Check out a few of Dr. Pappalardo's poems here.

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