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Expected to die, today he’s inspiring others to truly live.

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Jan 21, 2021

Are you hoping to be rich in significance + success in 2021? Who isn't, right? My friend, this episode is for you.

Over three years ago I started my membership community, Live Inspired IN STUDIO -  community of like-minded friends who join me monthly via webcast to do life together + make the world better, starting with our own.

This month’s discussion topic is so relevant, impactful + life-giving that I needed to make sure everyone has access to it! 

Today we walk through a step-by-step process (created by my friend + past Live Inspired Podcast guest Jinny Ditzler) that I have completed at the beginning of every year for more than a decade.

You'll leave this episode with clear priorities and commitments to achieve significance + success in all aspects of your life this year.



  • “Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'" - Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Instead of reflecting on what's going on around us by being a temperature gauge, Bernice King encourages us to lead others by setting the temperature like a thermostat. 

Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet:

  • Inspired by my friend and Live Inspired Podcast guest Jon Gordon, what's your word?
    • What's one word to describe your 2020?
    • What's one word that will guide you in 2021?
    • [Hear Jon Gordon share inspiration and behind-the-scenes stories from his bestselling book The Energy Bus on Live Inspired Podcast ep. 13.]
  • Make a circle with 6 equal parts: professional, financial, spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, personal.
  • Ask yourself:
    1. What did I accomplish in 2020?
    2. What were my biggest disappointments in 2020?
    3. What did I learn? What advice would you give yourself?
    4. How did I limit myself?
      1. Who am I at my best?
      2. Who am I afriad to be?
      3. What masks do I wear?
      4. I am: __________
    5. What are your personal values?
    6. What roles do you play? What are you job titles for life?
    7. In a few, broad words, what are your goals for each role
    8. Circle only three roles you want to focus on in 2021.
    9. What are three SMART goals you want to accomplish in your three priority roles in 2021?
    10. On a single piece of paper, write:
      1. What advice do you need to be reminded of in 2021?
      2. I am: ________
      3. What are the three roles you want to focus on in 2021?
      4. What are three SMART goals you want to accomplish in your three priority roles in 2021?

Learn more about my dear friend and architect of Best Year Yet Jenny Ditzler on Live Inspired Podcast ep. 12.

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