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Jun 22, 2020

Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moments segment.

As we are facing uncertainty and adversity, I wanted to welcome back creativity strategist, speaker + author Natalie Nixon. Natalie shares her latest book The Creativity Leap and how the lessons outlined apply to today's chapter of life. 

This timely conversation will inspire you to start your week in awe and on fire! 

  • Buoyancy: To cope with current events, Natalie reminds herself + encourages others how important it is to keep showing up. 
  • "Creativity is the engine for innovation."
  • Natalie reminds us that during turbulent times is when embracing creativity is most important.
  • "After we're able to zoom out of this conundrum, we will be aligned with the way of being and working that we've alienated from."
  • To stay buoyant, Natalie finds forest bathing regenerative + restorative.
  • Get Natalie Nixon's new book The Creativity Leap here.

Natalie joined me for a full interview on Live Inspired Podcast ep. 118. She shared how curiosity can improve your results in business + in life. Listen here.


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