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Nov 18, 2019

Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moments segment.

Today I welcome back three-time cancer survivor, author, speaker, and self-proclaimed expert in trauma Michele Cushatt. Michele shares her latest book Relentless and simple tips to respond to our circumstances in a more positive manner.  This inspiring conversation will help start your week on fire! 

  • Are we going to let our lives be bigger than our diagnosis, divorce, grief, or are we going to let it define us?
  • Choose how you respond to your circumstances: You can let your circumstances: Define you, derail you, or develop you.
  • Often we feel being “relentless” is something done to us; but what if we choose to be relentless in overcoming + moving forward?
  • “When I decide to reach out of my own pain and connect with somebody else’s, then we both experience redemption. We both experience healing. That’s beauty.”
  • "Healing happens in relationships. Healing doesn’t happen in isolation."
  • "Pain and suffering is a great leveler. There is no one immune from losses and grief."
  • Get Michele's new book Relentless here.

Michele joined me for a full interview on Live Inspired Podcast ep. 132. She shared her story, how hope got her through struggles and how it will help you through yours, too. Listen here.


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