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Jun 1, 2017

"What more can I do?"

This epic question is the one I learned from the example of Hall of Fame Announcer Jack Buck. When our paths crossed, we were strangers. I had just been burned on 100% of my body and the doctors had given me less than 1% chance to survive. 

On today's episode, I  share what has become my most requested story to share when I'm speaking at events. It's the story of an unlikely friendship. Hall of Fame Announcer and The "Voice of the Cardinals" Jack Buck absolutely changed my life and hearing it just might change yours.

Can't wait to share the story with you again, or for some of you: For the very first time. Enjoy!


  • Think back to a time when you were experiencing a hardship: What might have changed if your hero walked in to help you? Is there someone you know going through a hardship you could step in and be a hero for today?
  • Crying is a sign of great strength. 
  • When someone is truly smiling, you can see it in their eyes.
  • Leadership is about meeting people where they are; meeting them in their "why." 
  • Motivation is an inside job.
  • Jack believed in me first; I followed. Who do you believe in today? How are you letting him/her know?
  • Love changes us. When we show up as love for others, we change them.
  • Ask yourself: "What more can I do?" And then pause to actually answer it.
  • What is one thing you can do today to change the world from negativity, exclusion, fear and anxiety to one of inclusivity, hope, faithfulness and love?


Since we didn't have a guest to answer the "live inspired 7" this episode, I thought I'd share my answers to this set of questions! You can read my answers on my Parade Magazine article here.


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